C 5000 control - Calorimeter with Adiabatic, Isoperibolic and Dynamic Modes

The IKA® calorimeter C 5000 control is globally considered to be the only calorimeter that provides a free choice of three working techniques. It is possible to carry out determinations of gross calorific values solid and liquid samples in dynamic (reduced time: approximately 10 minutes), isoperibolic (approximately 22 minutes) and adiabatic (approximately 14 to 18 minutes) modes.

An increasing level of automation in addition to a wide range of accessories leave behind nothing more to wish for.

  • Typical consumables for initial operation and calibrations included with delivery
  • Automatic water handling system with tempering, filling, and emptying of the inner vessel of the calorimeter
  • Automatic decomposition vessel recognition
  • It is possible to change over the decomposition vessel to use combustible crucibles C 14 (accessory C 5010.4 is needed)
  • User-friendly software C 5040 CalWin helps to monitor the calorimeter and manage the measuring data (accessory)
  • LIMS integration can be realized
  • Unique halogen resistant vessel C 5012 to obtain quantitative decomposition of sulfur and halogens (accessory)
  • Interface connections for monitor, printer, scale and sample rack C 5020
  • Decomposition vessel allows automatic filling and degassing of oxygen
  • Validation based on ASTM E711, ASTM D5468, ASTM D1989, ASTM D5865, ASTM D4809, ASTM D240, ISO 1928, ISO 1928

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