AOD 1 - Analysis of Oxidative Decomposition of Organics and Semi-Organics

The AOD is ideal for analyzing oxidative decomposition of liquid and solid organic as well as partially unorganic samples under pressure in a closed system.

The system is made up of C 48 Oxygen station, AOD 1.11 Control standard (50 ml), AOD 1.2 External ignition unit, and AOD 1.1 Decomposition vessel.

  • Control standards for Cl, S (AOD 1.11), F and Br (AOD 1.12 accessory)
  • It is possible to change over the decomposition vessel to utilize combustible crucibles C 14
  • Decomposition temperature ranging up to 1200°C
  • High-grade stainless steel pressure vessel
  • Decomposition time < 3 minute
  • Maximum working pressure during decomposition 195 bar
  • Oxidation process has a catalytic support along with the decomposition vessel’s auto-regenerating catalytic inside walls
  • Addition of the combustion gases into the absorption solution through venting station C 7030
  • Absorption of the combustion products in an aqueous medium
  • Quantitative decomposition of all halogens, volatile metals, e.g. Hg and As, and sulfur

The function and principal of the AOD are based on the combustion method in the bomb calorimeter and are approved according to DIN 51577, part 1 dt. 1982.

Some of the other relevant validations include:

  • DIN 51527, Testing of solid samples, determination for the chlorine content
  • DIN / EN 14582, determination features of halogen, waste and sulfur content

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