LR 1000 control – Modular Lab Reactor

The LR 1000 control is a modular laboratory reactor designed to improve chemical reaction processes as well as for laboratory scale blending, dispersing, and homogenization applications. The system can be tailored rapidly and easily for a broad range of applications and exact requirements. The reactor is especially designed for the exclusive applications needs of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.

The medium’s temperature can reach up to 120°C, and accordingly the temperature of the heating source found at the bottom of the vessel, is controlled to match the fixed temperature within the medium. A PT 100.30 temperature sensor and the equivalent receptacle LR 1000.61 for the lid are a part of the LR 1000 control package.

The display interface of the LR 1000 control system facilitates the display of all process-relevant data onto a PC, store data, and control of the reactor. The software provided as an accessory allows for additional adaptation of the total system and processes.

The metals in contact with medium are stainless steel (ALSI 316 L), PTFE, PEEK, FFKM, borosilicate glass 3.3.

Key Features

The main features of the LR 1000 control are as follows:

  • Cost-efficient tool
  • TFT display is large and easy to read and provides superior image quality and simple navigation
  • Combined weighing function
  • Built-in pH sensor connection
  • Torque trend measurement specifies any changes in product viscosity
  • RS 232 and USB interface to control the unit using a laboratory software labworldsoft
  • Expandable for use with the ULTRA-TURRAX® T 25 digital (accessory)
  • Standard joint fittings on the lid: 2 x NS 29, 2x NS 14, 2 x GL 14 for versatile adaptation of additional equipment
  • Vacuum valve offered with delivery
  • Safety circuit can be manually adjustable
  • Combined safety shutdown when lid or vessel is removed from the base
  • Anchor stirrer with PTFE-scrapers
  • Connections enable a cooling source to be fastened at the back of the unit

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