ModVia™ Expandable Plasma System for PCB Processing from Nordson March

The ModVIA™ plasma system has been developed to meet the needs of a changing production environment. It strikes a perfect balance between its contemporaries, the Pro- and MaxVIA™ systems, and its predecessors, the PCB-800/1600 systems.

While the chamber has still retained the “PCB series” in function and size, all other aspects have been upgraded in the VIA series technology, spanning from control parameters and user interface to pump package and gas distribution. Also, increased capacity for plasma-treating PCB panels has become easier through similar interface and components.

The ModVIA™ system is capable of processing high-mixture, low-volume products, thus making it suitable for research and development institutions, or small- to medium-sized businesses. During high-production volume, it is possible to scale up the system from four plasma cells to up to eight plasma cells.

The ModVIA™ system is also self-contained and needs only minimum floor space. The chassis accommodates a number of components such as the plasma chamber, 40kHz RF generator, control electronics, automatic matching network, and pump/blower package. Rear or front access panels provide maintenance access.

The plasma chamber is designed to process PCB panels in individual plasma cells so as to deliver high etch rates with exceptional treatment uniformity. It is built of high-quality aluminum to provide excellent durability.

Application-Specific Technology

The ModVIA™ plasma system features the best of Nordson MARCH’s advanced technology. The High Flux Electrodes (HFE) design, utilized for producing plasma, was directly taken from the MaxVIA™-Plus plasma system. HFE can generate homogeneous plasma for treating PCB panels; including applications like etchback and desmear.

The ModVIA™ plasma system is designed to process flexible and stiff PCB panels of different sizes and shapes, and is ideal for blind and through-hole via applications. It can house a variety of process gases to meet every customer’s unique application needs (standard process gases may comprise N2, O2, Ar, and CF4).

The ModVIA™ system comes standard with three electronically controlled mass flow controllers (MFCs), which allow for optimal control of gas. As an option, two ore MFCs are available.

Key Features and Advantages

The main features and benefits of the ModVia™ plasma system are as follows:

  • Built-in VIA™ Series technology reduces consumption of CF4 gas for desmear applications during treatment of PCB panel plasma
  • Uses minimal floor space and houses different sizes of panels within that small footprint
  • HFE with temperature-controlled cooling loop provides excellent process uniformity
  • Field upgradeable to meet business operations and production needs

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