High Throughput System for EELS and EFTEM Experiments – GIF Quantum Energy Filters

The GIF Quantum® series characterizes the 4th and most enhanced generation of post-column energy filters. The GIF Quantum system, which has been remodeled from the ground up, incorporates improved dodecapole-based electron optics with an extremely rapid charge-coupled device (CCD) camera system to produce an imaging filter capable of defining the recent developments in the capture of detailed energy-filtered transmission electron microscopy (EFTEM) as well as electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) data sets with maximum throughput.

As far as the GIF Quantum series is concerned, there is no trade-off between EELS and EFTEM performance. The readout architecture of the patented sensor permits the same CCD sensor to be used interchangeably as a high speed live viewing device, an ultra-fast spectroscope and a full-frame high quality imaging device.

Aberration correction up to 5th order allows the use of a 5 mm entrance aperture for energy loss spectroscopy and a 9 mm entrance aperture for EFTEM at performance specifications that are significantly better than that of the earlier generation systems.

The GIF Quantum series is available in a number of models in order to optimally combine with the wide range of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) applications and configurations that are currently available. A GIF Quantum imaging filter is available to meet all the needs of users whether they have a workhorse LaB6 instrument to capture elemental maps and contrast improved images on a daily basis, monochromated system for analyzing energy transitions at the meV level or an extreme brightness aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) for exploring interfaces at the atomic level.

Enhanced options like a 10x faster camera, a 1 µs electrostatic shutter, DualEELS™ software and hardware, and a 2 keV fast spectrum offset module allow customization of every single GIF Quantum model based on the available applications.

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Key Features

  • Enhanced auto tuning: Imaging filter works at peak performance
  • Electrostatic shutter: Obtain images and spectra with unprecedented exposure control and dynamic range
  • DualEELS capability: Comfortably measure accurate energy shifts and use advanced quantification routines for a new level of EELS analysis
  • Dual-speed camera readout: High-speed viewing and low-noise imaging from the same detector
  • 2.5 and 5 mm entrance apertures: Advanced collection efficiency for aberration corrected STEM EELS
  • 9 mm entrance aperture: Large field of view energy-filtered imaging, diffraction and mapping with narrow slit widths
  • 2000 eV EELS range: Obtain a variety of edges in a single spectrum for simplified quantification
  • Dodecapole-based optics: Excellent energy resolution and extremely low image distortions
  • 60 – 300 kV operation: Wide range of operating modes and configurations
  • 1000 spectra/s: High speed, dose-efficient STEM EELS spectrum imaging for in depth rich mapping


  • Catalyst research
  • Failure analysis
  • Materials research

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