Grinding and Polishing Consumables for Sample Preparation from Buehler

SumMet™ Bundles...Simplicity at its Finest!

  • 5 bundled products with everything you need for grinding and polishing of specimens
  • 1 part number/per bundle
  • 1 price/per bundle
  • Each bundle prepares 100 specimen holders
  • Correlates with SumMet™ Methods

Apex® CGD (Coarse Grinding Disc)

  • Aggressive metal bonded diamond disc
  • Designed for continuous uses
  • Aggressive material removal from hard samples
  • High removal rate over several hours w/out requiring periodic dressings
  • Open structure allows the swarf generated to wash away efficiently during grinding
  • Excellent results with: Tool Steel, Tungsten Carbide, Hard Ceramic and Titanium

Magnetic Backed Polishing Pads

  • Available in various materials from intermediate to final polishing.
    - Soft-woven polishing pad suitable with Diamond from 15µm to 1µm
    - TexMet® woven polishing pad
    - Hard woven polishing pad suitable with Diamond from 15µm to 3µm
    - Soft synthetic pad suitable for final polishing
  • Eliminates the possibility of air bubbles when using a PSA pad
  • Easier removal from platen
  • Eliminate the need for a Bimetallic plate
  • Easy-to-use, soft flexible backing

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