Measurement of Photoluminescence (PL) Specta in the NIR Region with the Compact C12132-16 System

The Compact NIR PL lifetime spectrometer C12132 series is designed to determine photoluminescence (PL) lifetime and PL spectrum in the near-infrared (NIR) region.

The device is suitable for measuring the PL spectrum and PL lifetime of a material which is linked to the solar cell’s conversion efficiency. The device is also applicable for measuring the PL spectrum of singlet oxygen and PL lifetime of an organic compound.

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Key Features

  • Low temperature measurement (option)
  • Multipoint measurement (option)
  • Lifetime measurement from VIS to NIR (up to 1650 nm)
  • Determines PL spectrum as the standard function
  • Determines PL lifetime down to 200 ps using deconvolution
  • Sample box for thin films and solution
  • Regular configuration

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