Flash Photolysis System for Observing Photoreactions such as Photopolymerisation and Photodecay

Hamamatsu’s flash photolysis system is capable of carrying out transient absorption measurements within the short nanosecond range. It also helps to observe the absorption spectrum of the formation and decay process of intermediaries in photoreactions, like photoisomerization reaction, photodissociation, etc.

Measurements of the transient absorption spectrum in the nanosecond range can be easily executed, thanks to the new software added with the adoption of optics.

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Key Functions

The light transmitted from a high power xenon lamp is used for the probe light, and a nanosecond Q-SW YAG laser is used for the flash photolysis system’s pump light. The PMA-12 Photonic multichannel analyzer C10029-01 is integrated with a gate function.

With the aid of this analyzer, the light is determined by switching the pump light shutter and the probe light shutter with the newly developed software introduced with the flash photolysis optics. Executing each operation of the spectrum based on luminescent and nonluminescent samples helps to conduct transient absorption measurements.

Analysis Functions

  • Time-resolved fluorescence measurements
  • Transient absorption measurement: For luminescent samples - Absorption 2 = -Log10 [(Data-Emission)/(Monitor-Dark)]; for nonluminescent samples - Absorption 1 = -Log10 [(Data-Dark)/(Monitor-Dark)]

Control Functions

  • Measurement conditions: Delay time, gate width, trigger mode, I.I. (image intensifier), accumulated number, and step time

Measurement Functions

  • Dark measurements: Measurement of dark current with both the probe light shutter and the pump light shutter closed
  • Monitor measurements: Measurement of white light with only the probe light shutter open
  • Data measurements: Measurement of white light with both the probe light shutter and the pump light shutter open
  • Emission measurements: Measurement of fluorescence with only the pump light shutter open

Key Features

  • Measurement time range from nanoseconds to milliseconds
  • Consecutive spectrum measurements from 260 nm to 800 nm (measurements unaffected by secondary light, etc.)
  • Measurements with the smallest optical density (OD) of 0.01
  • Time resolution of 10 ns
  • Compatible with 90° excitation/oblique incidence excitation

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