The Autosorb-iQ is a highly sophisticated gas sorption analyzer available with one, two, or three physisorption analysis ports. Each can be equipped for low-pressure micropore analysis.

A long life dewar (90+ hours) is standard. One port is available as a chemisorption station, complete with a high-temperature furnace with fan-assisted cooling.

A vapor dosing option is available for both physi-and chemi-units. A built-in TCD and pulse titration loop is available in the chemi- version to allow for flow-based measurement capabilities. Four built-in degas stations feature computer-controlled ramp/hold/test protocols and a dedicated cold-trap.

A host of options, configurations, and upgradeability make the Autosorb-iQ the most advanced instrument of its type available today.

This product is a former Quantachrome product. On February 9, 2018, Anton Paar acquired Quantachrome. Under the umbrella of the Anton Paar Group, the company will continue operations in Boynton Beach. Quantachrome is the first manufacturing facility in North America run by Anton Paar and will also function as a US-based unit for research, development, and production within the Anton Paar Group.

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