Nitrogen Generation for LC-MS – The Genius 3051

The Genius 3051 is specially designed for the Shimadzu LCMS-8050 and LCMS-8060 systems. Adequate supply of dry air and nitrogen is provided by the Genius 3051 even while running these instruments in “high flow gas delivery mode.”

The Genius 3051 is a customized solution with one output of dry air at a rate of up to 20 L/min and one of phthalate free, high purity nitrogen at a rate of up to 26 L/min, providing it with the capability to supply up to Shimadzu LCMS 8050/60 operating in “standard gas delivery mode.”

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Key Features

  • On-demand gas supply allows users to operate the generator whenever required
  • Shimadzu approved gas supply system for its 8050 and 8060 LC-MS instruments
  • Requires minimal setup
  • Compressor based system for an external air supply
  • Cost-effective source of dry air/nitrogen with minimal lifetime operating costs
  • Service indication helps planning for preventative maintenance
  • Reduced vibration and noise owing to the latest generation compressors placed in an insulated chamber
  • Complete on-site warranty for 12 months
  • Moving the generator around the lab is made easy with the help of wheels

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