Exalt Controlled Crystallisation Kit from Genevac

Genevac and partners in the pharmaceutical small molecule crystallisation field have developed a new technology called Exalt.

Exalt allows a variety of solvents to be evaporated simultaneously at the same slow rate in order to create crystal for stable form identification, polymorph screening, and various other applications.

The Exalt utilizes a unique holder for vials, which allows a choice of baffles to be placed on top of the vial to slow down the evaporation rate of the volatile solvents.

The number and size of baffles are selected to be most restrictive for the most volatile solvents, and least restrictive to the solvents that are less volatile. No baffle is needed in some cases.

The holder is positioned in a Genevac HT series evaporator, which is capable of cycling the pressure for the entire process. Up to 3 ml of solvent within the boiling point range of 40-165°C can be placed in each vial.

The time taken for evaporation can be controlled to a range of 6 to 72 hours, or more, based on the requirement for solvents in this specific boiling point range.

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