Spectrum Library Matching in TEAM™ Analysis for Automatically Finding Similar Spectra

Spectrum Matching is an automatic operation enabling users to search through a customized spectrum library to locate similar spectra. This significantly simplifies detection of unknowns by comparing them to some potential candidates, and decreases the complication of detecting similarities and discrepancies between spectra. The active spectrum matching to those located in the library file is based on a chi squared goodness of fit test, comparing either spectra or concentrations directly.

Match sensitivity is modifiable, providing users total control over the match results, ranging from fully identical to approximately in the same region. The possible matching spectra are overlaid on the original spectrum with the match percentage providing a measure of how dissimilar or similar the spectra are together with a visual representation of the differences.

Key Features

The main features of Spectrum Library Matching in the TEAM™ Software are as follows:

  • Spectrum match library in the TEAM™ software is made easy via the added spectrum search utility
  • Users can search the entire database of spectra stored on the system either by adding filters to detect spectra with the preferred characteristics or by manual selection of specific project nodes
  • Filters offered are:
    • Acquisition rate
    • Existence of given elements (with a range in weight % , atomic %, or net intensity)
    • kV used
    • Sample name
  • Selected spectra are saved to a Spectrum Matching Library file, which can be shared between systems and users
  • All data in the system database can be added to a Spectrum Matching Library file


The versatile Spectrum Match can be applied in numerous applications including:

  • Process control – Any changes in distribution and composition are swiftly detected with the integration of spectrum matching and phase mapping.
  • Quality control and failure analysis – Defects can be compared to a library of probable contaminants
  • Reverse engineering - Material constituents can be compared against a library of standard parts found in the material
Spectrum Library Matching

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