Model 25 Zephyr Plasma Cleaner from Evactron®

The Model 25 Zephyr Plasma Cleaner from Evactron is a double vacuum mode cleaner with roughing pump or TMP. This device is used for in-situ cleaning of specimens and chambers in vacuum chambers and electron microscopes.

This device consists of RF Plasma Radical Source (PRS), RS232 Computer Interface, solid-state micropirani gauge, table-top controller/RF generator with automatic pressure/RF level control, cables and instructions.

Key Features

The main features of the Model 25 Zephyr Plasma Cleaner are as follows:

  • The tabletop controller has a simple single-button function with repeatable, predetermined plasma specifications through external computer interface or an encoder
  • High and low vacuum cleaning enables the chamber to be cleaned at turbo pump pressures and the samples in-situ to be cleaned within minutes at roughing pump pressures.
  • Flexible plasma cleaner system offered with completely modifiable ignition and operating pressures. Initiates on pumpdown and can be safely applied for turbo and diffusion pump systems.
  • Double action cleaning using both UV afterglow and plasma to desorb adventitious water vapor and hydrocarbons. Non-damaging to sensitive parts - without stripping or sputter etch.
  • Gas source is room air to ensure simplicity and minimal operating cost.
  • Makes use of energy efficient capacitive coupled plasma (CCP) instead of wasteful inductive coupled plasma (ICP). Stays cool like a CFL (a CCP device) compared to a hot tungsten filament bulb.
  • Installation options like the Zephyr can be installed on the vacuum chamber or loadlock.

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