High Performance ICP Deposition System – SENTECH SI 500 D

The SI 500 D plasma deposition tool from SENTECH represents the cutting edge for plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition of dielectric films, SiC, a-Si and other additional materials.

The tool is based on PTSA plasma source, substrate electrode with dynamic temperature control, sophisticated SENTECH control software that uses remote field bus technology, separated gas inlets for reaction gasses, completely controlled vacuum system, and easy-to-use general user interface to control the SI 500 D.

The SI 500 D plasma deposition system can process several types of substrates from wafers up to 200 mm diameter to parts placed on carriers. The single wafer vacuum loadlock assures steady process conditions and makes swapping between the processes effortless.

The SI 500 D plasma enhanced deposition tool is organized for depositing SiNx, a-Si, SiO2 and SiONx films in a temperature ranging between room temperature and up to 350°C. Solutions are provided for the deposition of SiC, TEOS and other materials containing gaseous or liquid precursors. The SI 500 D is ideal for the deposition of highly efficient protection barriers placed on organic materials at minimal temperatures and deformation free deposition of passivating films at pre-determined temperatures.

SENTECH provides various levels of automation, ranging between vacuum cassette loading and single process chamber consisting up to six-port cluster with distinct deposition and etch modules targeted at high throughput or high flexibility. Also the SI 500 D can be offered as process module on cluster configuration.

Key Features

  • Laser end point detection
  • Exceptional properties of deposited layers
    • Minimal stress
    • High breakdown voltage
    • Low etch rate
    • Very low interface state density down to deposition temperatures of less than 100°C permit for exceptional properties of the deposited films
    • No damage of substrate
  • Excellent high density plasma 
    • Low ion energy
    • Low pressure plasma deposition of dielectric films
  • Dynamic temperature control
    • The substrate electrode along with dynamic temperature control contains a combination of substrate backside temperature sensing and He backside cooling.
  • Planar ICP plasma source
    • SENTECH proprietary Planar Triple Spiral Antenna (PTSA) ICP plasma source permits for extremely efficient low power coupling
  • Optional substrate bias

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