Quality Control of PERC Solar Cells with the SENpercPV

The SENperc PV from SENTECH is used for quality control in the manufacture of PERC solar cells. The tool is capable of measuring Al2O3/SiNx layer stacks and single films for the passivation of PERC solar cells.

Monitoring the stability of the deposition process can be performed for longer periods, improving maintenance intervals.

Thickness and Refractive Index Measurement of Al2O3 and SiNx Films on PERC Back Side

The SENperc PV is designed with an easy to understand recipe-based push-button function. The PERC solar cell is positioned with its side to be measured on the sample table. The sample is measured upside down.

Alignment is not necessary. The cell ID is recorded and the measurement begins. Refractive index and thickness are measured and stored in the SQL database.

Long Term Stability Monitoring of Al2O3 and SiNx Deposition

The PERC solar cell is assessed by employing statistical process control (SPC). For yield analysis, preset ranges are used. Long-term and direct feedback is offered to the operator for instant intervention.

The SQL database is constantly accessible locally and using LAN to support yield analysis and cell tracking.

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