Characterization of Solar Cell Films - SE 400adv PV

The multiple angle laser ellipsometer SE 400adv PV from SENTECH is designed to provide the refractive index and film thickness of antireflective single films on textured multicrystalline and monocrystalline silicon wafers at the HeNe laser wavelength of 632.8 nm.

Interchangeable wafer holders enable measurements on alkaline textured monocrystalline wafers and multicrystalline wafers. The SE 400adv PV laser ellipsometer can specifically examine coatings of ITO, TiO2, SiNx and thin passivation layers of Al2O3 and SiO2. Double layer stacks can be examined on smooth substrates.

The SE 400adv PV is a compact tool that starts fast. The SENTECH simple-to-use, recipe-based software incorporates a complete package of predefined applications that match the necessities of R&D and the quality control in production settings.

A portable laser ellipsometer for photovoltaic applications is provided for testing and installing large PECVD systems prior to the start of the entire production line.

Exceptional accuracy and stability - This is due to temperature stabilized compensator setup, ultra low noise detector, and stable laser light source.

World standard for ARC - At present above 330 of SE 400adv PV laser ellipsometer are being used to characterize antireflective coatings throughout the world.

Analysis of rough surfaces - Very sensitive, ultra-low noise detection permits measurements on non-ideal, stray light making surfaces characteristic for textured multicrystalline and monocrystalline silicon solar cells.

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