ALD Systems with Thermal or Plasma Operation

The atomic layer deposition systems from SENTECH allow plasma and thermal improved operation. The ALD systems can be configured for metal, oxide, and nitride deposition.

3D structures are coated conformally and homogenously. Using ALD, ICPECVD, and PECVD, SENTECH provides plasma deposition technology to deposit films from the nanometer scale up to several microns.

SENTECH ALD systems enable the incorporation of various plasma and/or thermal improved ALD films to multilayer structures. Plasma and thermal improved atomic layer deposition is supported in a single reactor with an optimal shutter.

SENTECH provides powerful, ultra-fast in-situ tracing of layer-by-layer film growth with the ALD Real Time Monitor and a broad range of spectroscopic ellipsometers.

Key Benefits

  • Simple reactor cleaning - Common reactor cleaning is necessary for repeatable and stable atomic layer deposition processing. The reactor chamber is simply opened using a lifting device for cleaning the atomic layer deposition systems.
  • Glove box system integration - SENTECH atomic layer deposition systems are adaptable with glove boxes from different suppliers
  • Cluster integration - Atomic layer deposition systems are accessible as modules for SENTECH clusters. The atomic layer deposition systems can be merged with SENTECH PECVD and engraving systems for industrial application. Clusters alternatively highlight cassette-to-cassette loading.
  • PEALD for sensitive substrates - The real remote plasma source allows conformal and homogenous coating of sensitive layers and substrates at low temperature <100°C. A high flow of reactive gas species is offered at the sample surface with no ion bombardment or UV radiation.
  • In situ diagnostics for process development and optimization - In situ diagnostic through the SENTECH ALD Real Time Monitor allows ultra-high resolution of single ALD cycles. The benefits are reduced process time, total cost of ownership, and confirmation of ALD regime. Spectroscopic ellipsometry, QMS and QCM are offered as in situ diagnostic, are benefits of the atomic layer deposition system as well.

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