X-Ray CT and Metrology System for Component Analysis – CXMM 50

The CXMM 50 is an X-ray Metrology CT system from North Star Imaging. It is designed to seamlessly obtain complete internal and external measurements of a user’s components. It can measure the coating thickness on a heart valve or the inner side of a fuel injector. The CXMM 50 aims to provide the users with an unmatched product development and quality control tool.

The system can fit through a standard double door, so costly remodeling will not be required. The CT software offers full acquisition, processing and archival program with easy to use interface. In-house specialists can recommend ideal combination of signal to noise ratio, efficiency, contrast sensitivity, and image lag.

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Key Features

System Capabilities

  • Geometric magnification: Max ~330x
  • Overall maximum system detectability: 2 µm

CT Software

  • Automated program functions for quick analysis
  • High performance image processing and measurement operations
  • Non-proprietary multiple image format input/output. DICONDE compliant

X-Ray Source

  • Minimum focal spot size: <5 µm
  • Voltage range: 20 kV to 225 kV
  • X-ray tube types: micro-focus or open

X-Ray Detector

  • All detectors comply with ASTM E2597
  • Digital X-ray detector types: flat panel (DDA)
  • Grade options: CT Premium 16 bit
  • Detector size: 25 x 20 cm (9.8 x 7.9”)


  • Maximum sample weight: 11.3 kg (25 lbs)
  • Nominal workpiece envelope: diameter: 30 cm (12") height: 30 cm (12”)
  • Scan travel with customization option: vertical: 33 cm (13") horizontal, X-axis: 33 cm (13") horizontal, Z-axis: 112 cm (44") rotation: 360° continuous
  • Maximum tube to detector distance: 132 cm (52”)


  • External dimensions:
    • Depth: 137 cm (54”)
    • Width: 234 cm (92”)
    • Weight: 3810 kg (8400 lbs)
    • Height: 198 cm (78”)
  • Temperature control: Precision air conditioning system accurate to ±1°C
  • Steel/lead/steel construction that meets or exceeds 21 CFR 1020.40 and EN 61010-2-091 2012 standards
  • Dimensions do not include generator, ergo desk, or microfocus controller

Download the Brochure for More Information

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