BAC201 Fiber Optic Raman Probe

The BAC201 from B&W Tek is a fiber optic Raman probe, capable of analyzing samples in hard-to-reach places, such as inside small cavities, miniature reactors, and tissues. The probe end is built with a single 200 μm core laser fiber, which is surrounded by nine 200 μm core return fibers, all enclosed in a 3.0 mm OD stainless steel needle tube.

A fused silica ball lens is used to seal the tip, which enables simple cleaning and high throughput. The optical elements within the needle are permanently set in alignment, without any chance of movement because of vibrations or impact.

At the spectrometer end, the collection fibers are arranged into a linear array in a SMA905 terminal and the laser fiber is ended in FC/PC.

Direct contact or immersion measurements can be performed using the probe. It is recommended that strong acids, bases, or other chemicals should be kept away as they might affect stainless steel or fused silica.

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