Katanax X-600 Electric Fluxer

A revolutionary X-Fluxer line of fusion machines has been launched by Katanax, a SPEX SamplePrep company. The Katanax X-600 Fluxer® is built with the most challenging lab in mind, and it is considered to be the next generation in electric fusion as it offers improved features that will help obtain unparalleled outcomes.

This electric fusion machine is completely automated and has a throughput of up to 30 samples each hour. The Katanax X-600 Fluxer is a six-position, heavy-duty machine used to produce glass disks (beads) for XRF, solutions for ICP/AA, and pyrosulfate or peroxide fusions.

It is ideal for novice or experienced users because of its integration of a robust design, simplicity and speed. The Katanax X-600 fluxer is used instead of the K2 Prime, which has been discontinuted. Typical samples include soils, minerals, refractories, rocks, glass, catalysts, ceramics, slag, ores, clinker and cement.

Key Features

The main features of the Katanax X-600 Fluxer are as follows:

  • Superior performance furnace with heating elements impervious to flux
  • Built in auto-locking safety shield protects the user during the fusion process
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic mold holders, and mold holder system is user-configurable for 40, 35, 32 or 30 mm molds
  • Extraction chimneys permit direct ventilation of halogens from all crucible positions
  • Control panel can be modified based on the height of the user and also has a USB connection for firmware updates
  • Low noise level during standby, melting and heating

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