The 9210p Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer is developed from more than 45 years of TOC experience, and it offers ease to use, reliability, and superior performance in a cost-effective manner in order to meet particular water quality standards.

The TOC Analyzer provides wastewater and water facilities with a real-time, dynamic analysis of natural organic matter (NOM) levels in effluent and influent streams. The results are obtained in a precise and fast manner and this feature allows operators to swiftly alter the treatment process and more accurately control flocculation, coagulation, and the development of disinfection by-products, allowing costs to be decreased while staying compliant.

The TOC measures a variety of ever-changing and complex matrices, using data that is comparable and consistent with grab samples examined with a benchtop system. Easy-to-use software and a color touchscreen simplify the set up process and enables individuals with limited training to operate the unit.

The 9210p Online TOC Analyzer constantly controls TOC levels in up to 6 process water streams. Established heated persulfate oxidation technology is used by the system in order to achieve reliable, accurate operation and regulatory compliance. This technique can oxidize almost all organic compounds dissolved in water in an efficient manner.

This analyzer is custom designed for operation in process environments and can be rack- or wall-mounted in indoor or shade-sheltered outdoor settings. A simple protocol enables instrument calibration to be achieved in just a few minutes.

The 9210p TOC Analyzer maintains superior long-term calibration stability and provides precise data with minimal maintenance.

The 9210p Online Water Analysis Package enables obtaining real-time, accurate, fast TOC analysis: the 6-port stream selector, 9210p Online TOC Analyzer, two sample inlets, wall-mount installation kit, process gas module and reagent rack.

Reliable Data for Regulatory Compliance and Process Control

The 9210p is fully compliant with USEPA Method 415.3 and SM 5310C, as it is designed for consistent monitoring of organic contaminants in water and wastewater streams in order to control optimization and compliance of the water treatment process. It integrates the powerful heated persulfate oxidation method with a patented, solid-state infrared detection technology for obtaining unparalleled precision and accuracy ranging from 50 ppb to 250 ppm.

Designed to work in process environments, the 9210p Online TOC Analyzer uses standard reagents, and requires minimal preventative maintenance and no external gases. Generally, calibration is stable for 12 months.

The 9210p Online TOC Analyzer is ideal for municipal wastewater, ground water, surface water, drinking water, and other industrial water streams.

Key Features

The main features of the 9210p Online TOC Analyzer are as follows:

  • Simple modular design
  • Large, color touchscreen display
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive, software
  • Compliant with USEPA Method 415.3 and SM5310C
  • Effortless maintenance; costly service contracts not required
  • Established, reliable heated sodium persulfate oxidation
  • Use standard reagents; expensive proprietary chemicals not required
  • Manages up to six process streams
  • Real-time, precise monitoring and analysis of NOM in effluent and influent streams

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