Atmospheric Plasma Torch for the Localised Surface Activation of Polymers, Ceramics and Metals

The Cirrus atmospheric plasma torch is used to enhance the adhesion characteristics of a variety of materials.

This compact, standalone device has the potential to deliver a consistent plume (8 - 10 mm wide) of active plasma gas to the surface, and can be easily incorporated with production/assembly lines with or without robot handling.

The atmospheric plasma functions with compressed air and does not need special gases or other services. In automated processes, start/stop triggering of the plasma is enabled by a rear panel sub-D connector via an external signal generated by the line.

The Cirrus atmospheric plasma torch allows in-line plasma activation of hybrid materials, glass, ceramics, metal and polymers.

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Key Features

  • Superior quality treatments
  • Surface activation with atmospheric plasma
  • Ultra-fine atmospheric plasma cleaning
  • Effortless integration with automated lines and extremely low operation cost
  • Localized and rapid atmospheric plasma pre-treatment of parts before bonding

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