SVM Kinematic Viscometers

The SVM series from Anton Paar provides customers with more parameters compared to other commercially available kinematic viscometers.

Six different models are offered:

  1. SVM 1001 – the budget friendly choice to measure the kinematic viscosity at one or optionally two fixed temperatures between 15 °C and 100°C
  2. SVM 1001 Simple Fill – extents SVM 1001 capabilities with the innovative Simple Fill Funnel for unbeatable use of operation
  3. SVM 2001 - a quick and user-friendly viscometer for measuring kinematic viscosity at any temperature between 15°C and 100°C
  4. SVM 3001 - offers measurements at temperatures between -60°C and +135°C. Just one measuring cycle on a small sample volume can provide several measurements such as kinematic viscosity, dynamic viscosity, density, and Viscosity Index.
  5. SVM 3001 Cold Properties – extends SVMs capabilities with an optical cell to additionally determine cold-flow properties like the freeze point and cloud point in the same run. The perfect instrument for jet fuel and diesel specification.
  6. SVM 4001 - a double-cell instrument designed for concurrent measurements of density and viscosity at two varied temperatures. It automatically offers the Viscosity Index from just a small quantity of sample. A range of accessories, such as a hot filling attachment or automated samplers, as well as modularity options are provided for the series.

Key Features

The main features of the SVM Kinematic Viscometers Series are as follows:

Multiple Parameter Measurement


Depending on the model, the SVM viscometers provide customers with the possibility to not only measure viscosity, but several parameters from a single syringe. The measurement possibilities are immense from kinematic and dynamic viscosity to density measurements and more. Each parameter measured by SVM 3001, 3001 Cold Properies or SVM 4001 complies with the industry standards listed below:

  • Kinematic viscosity (ASTM D7042, DIN 51659-2, EN 16896)
  • Density (ASTM D4052, EN ISO 12185, IP 365)
  • Dynamic viscosity (ASTM D7042)
  • Viscosity index (ISO 2909, ASTM D2270)
  • API grades (ISO 91, ASTM D1250, API 2540, IP 200)
  • Saybolt viscosity (ASTM D2161)

Low Sample and Solvent Volume

An exceptional feature of the SVM series is the small quantity of sample and solvent volume needed to gain precise measurement results. This not only makes the measuring procedure simpler, but also reduces costs as the minimum sample volume required is only 1.5 mL and the amount of solvent required for cleaning is low. Disposal costs can be greatly decreased.

The SVM instruments offer not only excellent performance, but sustainability.

Wide Temperature Range

The SVM series offer a broad temperature range for both density and viscosity. The SVM 3001 is provided with a range from -60°C to +135°C to measure diesel fuel and jet fuel as well as lubricating oil and wax - with just a single integrated cell.

Temperatures of -20°C can be achieved with integrated air cooling (without external cooling), and temperatures as low as -60°C are achieved using external cooling containing glycol/water mixtures; flammable liquids are not required. The SVM 4001 is designed to establish density and viscosity concurrently at any two temperatures between 15°C and 100°C.

One Measuring Cell – All Samples

The SVM instruments have a single measuring cell for the complete viscosity, and temperature range and the sample is measured in one cycle. This means that samples of varying viscosity, such as lubricating oils, jet fuels, waxes and heavy fuels, can all be analyzed with a single integrated measuring cell, which is mainly applicable for testing laboratories.

In addition, SVM 3001/3001 Cold Properties enables users to conduct temperature scans and obtain knowledge of the sample’s performance such as low temperature fluidity. Connecting the SVM with the 71-position sample changer means the users are free to engage in other vital tasks.

Excellent Ease of Operation

The SVM series is very user-friendly -from the preliminary start-up to the instrument maintenance. The devices are provided in factory-adjusted mode, which means they are set for instant use. The measurement is started by just injecting the sample from a syringe or use on of Anton Paar's automation solutions. The SVM instruments ensure safe and simple handling during the measurement process, without breakage or leaks. Additionally, easy cleaning with a wash bottle makes the work simple.


Some of the areas of application of the SVM Kinematic Viscometers Series are as follows:

  • Certify diesel fuels for both kinematic viscosity and density compliant to ASTM D975
  • Calculation of the carbon type distribution of oils
  • Viscosity of lubricating oil
  • Testing the quality of jet fuel
  • Establishing the right time for an oil change
  • Quickest viscosity index determination from the lowest sample volume
SVM 3001 Kinematic Viscometer: Welcome to new viscometry

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