Automated Eluent Splitting for FFF – PN1650 Eluent Pumps

The PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter (S3) module is a microprocessor-controlled metering pump, which carries out automated and accurate outlet splitting of the eluent stream leaving the FFF channel.

This distinctive proprietary S3 technology has been developed to provide an enhanced option for FFF researchers in order to increase sensitivity in FFF detection currently available for AF2000 Flow FFF systems. The splitter has an AF2000 double outlet channel cartridge that helps to increase detection levels by a factor between two and five without extra injection of additional sample into the FFF separation system.

Working Principle

All of the FFF systems from the AF2000 series use the PN1650 Smart Stream Splitter as an additional module. This splitter enables specific removal of laminar, sample-free eluent streams from the upper part of the FFF channel through a first outlet.

The sample-coontaining laminar flow streams that are positioned at the channel’s lower region simultaneously leave the channel through a second outlet located at the end of it and are then directly transmitted to the connected detectors.

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Key Features

  • Capable of being used with any AF2000 Series FFF system
  • Changes to system hardware are not needed
  • Suitable when concentration signals are insufficient
  • Special Flow Splitter for improving sensitivity by factor up to 5
  • Flexible use with any type of sequence of runs



Smart Stream Splitting (S3) is perfect during the examination of low concentration samples. It is widely used in the area of polymer, protein and environmental research, where huge volume injections of diluted sample systems are regular and even the greatest sensitivity detection can be insufficient.

In such cases, a difference can be brought about by the S3 technology, especially when it is used with Postnova‘s unique FOCUS technology and flexible FFF channel cartridges.

It is possible to use Smart Stream Splitting within varied runs of a total sequence, and this technology enables changing the eluent outlet split ratios and customizing and optimizing conditions for every single run differently.

Download the Brochure for More Information

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