High Sensitivity UV Detector for FFF– PN3211 UV Detector

The PN3211 UV Detector is a high sensitive UV detector offering an excellent level of stability and sensitivity and it consists of a noise level of 0.5 × 10-5 AU max., enabling it to be recognized as one of most sensitive UV detectors (ASTM Standards).

Key Benefits

Superior Linearity - 2.5AU

The newly developed signal processing technology has helped to improve the stray-light correction function and the linearity. This expanded linearity merges with a wide range of noise-reduction technologies in order to offer users with a wide dynamic range and allow the analysis of minor impurities in one run and the user’s target compound.

Greater Baseline Stability

Used as standard, a temperature-controlled flow cell prevents inconsistencies that occur as a result of changes in absorbance because of modifications in room temperature. This results in increasing the analysis reliability and baseline stability.

Dual-Wavelength Measurement

Two components are monitored in the UV range in a simultaneous manner.

Internal Validation Protocol

The integration of a low-pressure mercury lamp for wavelength calibration guarantees easy calibration in the ultraviolet region.

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Detector Lamps

  • Z-DL-PN3211 D2-Lamp, longlife, pre-aligned

Flow Cells

  • Z-DET-3211-003 preparative, stainless steel
  • Z-DET-3211-002 analytical, stainless steel
  • Z-DET-3211-001 analytical, peek

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