The Ultra-High Resolution Quadra 7 X-ray System Offering the Highest Feature of Detection at Full Power

The new Quadra™ Series, from Nordson DAGE, is the 4th generation ultra-high resolution, off-line X-ray system providing the highest feature recognition at full power.

Easy to Use

The cabinet is ergonomically designed and tailored to optimize the user experience. Intuitive Gensys™ inspection software allows operators to be working in seconds.

Better Clarity

Incredible brightness, contrast, spatial resolution, depth of field and grey scale are provided with up to 6.7 MP images, which are clearer and enable easier analysis.

Stay Sharp

Unbeatable images with high resolution at high magnification are provided by the QuadraNT™ X-ray tubes. The QuandraNT™ delivers sharp and clear images with up to 10 W target power at 0.1 μm feature recognition or up to 20 W target power at 0.3 μm feature recognition.

Inspect Quicker

Up to 30 fps live enhance inspection technology provides the best images quickly to maximize throughput with real-time image processing.

Key Features

The main features of the Quadra 7 X-ray System are as follows:

  • Total Magnification 68,500 X
  • 24" 4KUHD 3840 x 2160 Primary and Secondary LED Monitors. 4X the display resolution compared to HD
  • 70° Oblique Views Without Loss of Magnification
  • AχiS - Active X-ray Image Stabilisation
  • < 0.1 µm (100 nm) Feature Recognition up to 10 W Tube power
  • < 0.3 µm (300 nm) Feature Recognition up to 20 W Tube power
  • Aspire FP™ 6.7 MP @ 30 fps with 50 µm pixel pitch.
  • Automatic inspection routines as standard, including QFN, BGA, Pad, Wire sweep
  • Ready for optional extras such as µCT and X-Plane®  for virtual slicing without the need to cut the board

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