SPECTROBLUE ICP-OES: Powerful Compact Routine Laboratory Analysis

SPECTRO provides a compact, midrange solution that delivers a new class of performance in routine laboratory analysis. SPECTROBLUE is available in three robust, ultra-reliable versions that are designed for daily use in both industrial and environmental applications.

Its strong 25-year heritage is clearly defined in its optimized Rowland Circle optical system (ORCA), delivering unparalleled sensitivity and resolution. When integrated with the most rugged generator in the industry, the outcome is analytical perfection.

Optical Superiority

The advanced optical system in the SPECTROBLUE provides the most direct path to cost-effective results. Using a sophisticated confocal optical system that features Optimized Rowland Circle Alignment (ORCA) and aluminum half-shell technology, the SPECTRO has perfected and refined its benchmark optical platform. It integrates simple, robust construction; compact dimensions; a direct high-transmission path for high light throughput; and minimized volume.

The system provides a resolution of 8 picometers (pm) in the range of 165 to 285 nm, and 16 pm for higher wavelengths. As a result, line-rich spectra can be more easily processed. In addition, a twin-interface version providing radial and axial measurement is available for environmental applications. These developments add up to fewer expensive reworks and improved measurement accuracy.

New Power Source

The latest SPECTROBLUE brings advanced plasma power to midrange spectrometers. Its novel laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) generator can provide up to 1700 W of power. It provides excellent agility and thus high matrix compatibility, while its high power reserves allow for ultra-precise analysis at maximum plasma loads.

The generator is trouble-free and rugged; its advanced air-cooled system can work without any need for external cooling, delivering low running costs.

Unlike traditional generators, the SPECTROBLUE has no parts subject to wear, reducing both time and expense. The unit also delivers fast warmups for high productivity - for most of applications in less than 10 minutes.

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