Ultra High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography System - AZURA UHPLC

AZURA UHPLC systems provide an extended backpressure range of 1000 bar and an optimized dwell volume.

These systems are made for high demanding separation tasks and high throughput applications. Choose between HPG and LPG UHPLC gradient pumps to configure a liquid chromatography system adapted to your application.

AZURA UHPLC pumps feature a max. backpressure of 1000 bar up to 2 ml/min with a maximum flow rate of 5 ml/min at 700 bar. With a 100 µl mixer and fine capillary tubing, AZURA UHPLC pumps provide excellent gradient reaction time.

A UHPLC system puts high demands on detection. The new AZURA Detector DAD 6.1L with its LightGuide technology flow cells offers very high sensitivity with an extremely low dispersion volume. The LightGuide 50 mm flow cell features a delay volume of just 2 µl. This combination of a long light path with a minimal cell volume enables highly sensitive detection of even very narrow peaks.

Every AZURA UHPLC system can be controlled by OpenLab or ClarityChrom software. Furthermore, the KNAUER Mobile Control app for Windows 10 or higher is available for each system.

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