Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) Turnkey System for Complete Lubricant Condition Monitoring

The Industrial Tribology Laboratory (ITL) from Spectro Scientific is a turnkey system that provides a complete lubricant analysis condition monitoring solution. The measurements made using the ITL determines the machine and lubricant condition, the core of any effective predictive maintenance system.

This system is expandable and also capable of incorporating measurement and testing solutions for other machinery fluids such as greases, transformer oils, coolants and fuel.

Spectro Scientific installs and provides training for all instruments as an integrated system. As the ITL is a turnkey system, supplied and installed by one vendor, the worry and learning curve errors associated with new equipment and methods are minimized during the startup process. Condition monitoring of the equipment can start instantly after the instruments are installed and during the initial training of personnel.

The instruments that constitute an ITL are carefully chosen because they provide the data required to effectively monitor the condition of the oil lubricated equipment, and because they are easy to operate and maintain, they require a minimum special utilities to install and provide strong sample throughput (most measurements take about 1 minute).

Results are sent by the analytical instruments to the central computer (or a network) where they are stored in database file for subsequent analysis, evaluation, and reporting.

Features and Benefits

The main features and benefits of Spectro Inc.’s ITL system are as follows:

  • Optimized instrumentation and software for the requirements of the customers
  • Installation and training
  • Turnkey system from one supplier

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