OI Analytical Dumatherm Pro

DUMATHERM® is a fast, precise, and cost-efficient combustion analyzer that uses all of the advantages of the Dumas combustion method, enabling laboratories to analyze a wide variety of sample including those consisting of saline, low concentrations of nitrogen, high concentrations of water, or highly-concentrated samples.

The innovative design of DUMATHERM's furnace chamber, combined with the direct analysis of every resulting gas, offers reliable and accurate results. The Dumas method is a user-friendly and efficient alternative to conventional Kjeldahl, which takes hours to perform. With DUMATHERM, analysis time is reduced to 3 minutes or less, a time saving of 98% compared to Kjeldahl.

Liquid or solid samples are combusted into oxides in the presence of catalysts at elevated temperatures. Copper is used to reduce the resulting nitrogen oxides (NOx) to elemental nitrogen while the by-products, carbon dioxide and water, are completely separated.

A single filament detector is used to analyze the remaining nitrogen. The system employs helium technology for very precise results even at very low levels of nitrogen.

The entire analysis is controlled by DUMATHERM Manager, which is the PC-based, easy-to-use software. Data transfer to and from a LIMS, powerful diagnostics and documentation capabilities, easy set-up, and traceability of all analysis data make the DUMATHERM simple to operate, freeing up the operator’s time for other tasks.

DUMATHERM is suitable for measuring protein in a wide variety of meat, egg, grain, and diary products, starch, animal feeds and more. It is also used to determine nitrogen in water, soil, paper, pulp, plastic, petroleum, tobacco, coffee and other samples.


  • Accurate results within 3 minutes
  • Fast combustion analyzer for protein analysis
  • Efficient, residue-free combustion
  • Safe - Fully software controlled and can be operated safely without an extractor from any location
  • Flexible - Use helium or argon as a carrier gas, depending on the sample
  • Fully automated - quickly analyze a wide variety of sample matrices including liquids
  • Meets requirements for standard methods including AOCS, AOAC, ASBC, ASTM, AACC, DIN, etc.
  • Process up to 64 samples per run
  • User-friendly, ISO 17025 compliant software
  • Easy-to-use and maintain


DUMATHERM specifications

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