Testing Large Number of Samples with the Kjeldatherm Block Heating System

The KJELDTHERM® Block Heating System not only provides precise even heating but it is also easily programmable for high throughput of routine samples. The instrument digests up to 40 samples simultaneously with precisely controlled temperatures.

Different sizes of vessels are available that can be directly inserted into a VAPODEST system for the distillation step after the completion of the digestion process, eliminating cross-contamination from sample transfer.


The following are the key features of the KJELDTHERM® Block Heating System:

  • Precise temperature and time control
  • Ideal for digesting large numbers of samples
  • Easily handles foaming samples (e.g. beer, milk) with BS 400-ml tubes
  • Standardized digestion conditions
  • Automatic sample lift capability


KJELDTHERM® Block Heating System specifications

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