The S-PRO Sulfur Analysis System for Eliminating Unstable Sulfur Gas

The S-PRO System from OI Analytical analyzes sulfur compounds in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and gaseous streams. The fully automated GC system incorporates OI Analytical’s Pulsed Flame Photometric Detector (PFPD), delivering exceptionally stable performance over a prolonged period of time with virtually no routine detector maintenance.

The overall optimized design of the system together with the superior sensitivity and performance of the PFPD provides reproducible sulfur compound analysis, from ppm to low ppb concentrations.


The key features of the S-PRO Sulfur Analysis System are as follows:

  • Integrated permation oven offers single or multiple calibration or QC standards
  • Provides automatic calibration, sample injection, and QA/QC
  • Sulfinert™-treated sample pathway reduces absorptive surfaces for optimum performance, specifically for low sulfur concentrations
  • Proven PFPD detector provides sensitivity, selectivity, stability, calibrations in linear or quadratic modes, equimolar sulfur response, and multi-element detection capability
  • Automatic injection of calibration or check samples provided by the integrated valving and permeation system prevents the use of unstable, expensive sulfur gas standards
  • OI Volatiles Interface, optimized for valve injection, offers low dead volume split or splitless injection for a broad dynamic range
  • Full EPC control of all permeation oven, injector, and detector gases
  • Single-digit ppb sensitivity for sulfur analysis
  • Additional or alternative detectors (PID, XSD, ELCD, or tandem configurations) enables the analysis of other compounds of interest


The specifications of the S-PRO Sulfur Analysis System are as follows:

Detectivity Sulfur < 1 pg S/second
Selectivity At optimum detectivity levels: Sulfur > 106 S/C
Permeation Oven Temperature range: 30 - 75°C ± 0.05°C
OI Volatiles Interface Effective split range: Splitless to 150-to-1,
Maximum Temperature: 325°C
GC Column GS-GasPro, 30-meter x 0.32 mm I.D.
Maximum Temperature: 260°C

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