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The Heated Stage X-ray Option for Observing Solder Paste Flow in Real Time

The Heated Stage X-ray option is specifically designed to observe solder paste flow in real time, which allows for quick and informed decisions. The capability to simulate the temperature condition of a thermal oven or that of an external condition makes viewing voids and defects essential for in-depth analysis.


The key benefits of the Heated Stage X-ray option are as follows:

  • Research and failure analysis laboratories will benefit from the ability to quickly and accurately prototype or investigate samples
  • Failures in the fields due to high thermal conditions can be examined in a controlled process
  • Sites can rapidly determine thermal oven profiles together with properties of solder paste compounds
  • Ideal for BGA, IGBT, LED, material testing and joint interfaces
  • Optional add-on for the Quadra™ 7 and Quadra™ 5


The key features of the Heated Stage X-ray option are as follows:

  • 45° oblique angle view
  • Up to 350°C
  • Oxygen monitor
  • Programmable heat profile
  • Export movie and data
  • Top and bottom heater for uniform heat distribution
  • Provision for cover gas (e.g. Nitrogen) for inert operation to prevent oxidization*

*Cover gases are compatible with hardware

Video stills showing 'live' view of solder flow using our high resolution QuadraNT™ tube and AspireFP™ detector

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