The Unique Multi-Function Cartridges for Automatic Test Routines

Nordson DAGE’s extensive knowledge of bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment underpins the no-compromise development of unique multi-function cartridges (MFC's).

The uniquely designed MFC's were originally developed for use with automated test routines on the 4000Plus bondtester. They expand the versatility of manual testing on the 4000 Optima, allowing ultra-quick application switch.

Two multi-function cartridges are available:

  • Hybrid 20 kg shear / 1 kg pull and 10 kg pull
  • Semiconductor 250 g shear / 5 kg shear and wire pull 100 g


The key features of the unique multi-function cartridges are as follows:

  • Operators can easily determine which transducer is active when not in use, via the cartridge window
  • Guaranteed correlation with both 4000 and 4000Plus cartridges
  • Fast and easy to exchange with single load cartridges
  • Park Position’ protects the transducers within the cartridge instead of leaving one of them exposed and vulnerable to damage
  • Patented air bearing technology for shear testing
  • Minimum off-axis tool deflection
  • Automatic electromagnetic damping at low loads
  • Low-mass and ergonomic with grab handles for safe and secure removal
  • Frictionless pull to record true load
  • Dual application calibration jigs
  • Sealed load cells for high consistency applications
  • Compliant load cells for controlled load application and collision detection

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