Providing Repeatable and Reproducible Results with the 4000 Optima Bondtester

The Nordson DAGE 4000 Optima is an advanced bondtester optimized for fast, reliable, and accurate bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment.

The combination of superior ergonomics and patented technology with intuitive and intelligent software makes 4000 Optima the leading production bond tester, providing reproducible and repeatable results.

Faster Testing

Users can maximize their throughput with quick load tool to bond positioning, quick test speeds, and superior ergonomics.

Ultra-Quick Application Changes

Nordson DAGE’s thorough knowledge of bond testing in the volume manufacturing environment underpins the no-compromise development of unique multi-function cartridges (MFCs). The uniquely designed MFCs expand the versatility of manual testing on the 4000 Optima, allowing ultra-quick application switch - in just seconds.

Superior Accuracy

Users can achieve reproducible and repeatable test results that are guaranteed and qualified with GR&R and MSA studies.

Ultimate Flexibility

Users can perform shear tests from 0.25 g to 200 kg, and pull testing from 0.25 g to 50 kg.

Intelligent Software

The 4000 Optima utilizes Paragon™ software that features a highly intuitive and configurable interface and also a wide range of advanced functionality such as a unique database search engine wizard, built-in diagnostics, automatic GR&R calculation, and superior reporting.

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