Thin Film Deposition - Software for Total Control over Deposition Processes - AERES

We designed AERES to intelligently unify the control of every aspect of thin film processes, from materials management to the creation of very complex, multi-layer thin film architectures.

When AERES is partnered with one of our PVD platforms or Cluster systems, you have a powerfully simple tool that will save you a lot of time, effort, and resources.  It is capable enough for the most advanced user and complex recipes, yet simple enough for every user in your lab.

Recipe Control

AERES unifies the entire process into one executable recipe, including:

  • Pre-deposition - wafer preparation, source ramp-up, and stabilization
  • Layer control - thickness, rate, shuttering, and source idling
  • Stage control - heating, cooling, rotation, angle and biasing
  • Gas and pressure - pressure stability and precise gas delivery
  • Automation - press start and leave the system to do everything

You can create processes as simple or complex as desired, use loaded templates, or build custom sequences from scratch, and can even build your recipes from a remote computer, then seamlessly transfer it over to the deposition PC terminal for use.

AERES can run entirely autonomously, or you can build manual control into recipes if desired. The unified data management system collects and logs all pertinent process information.

Layer Transition Efficiency

Because AERES controls every aspect of your process, it has the ability to drastically improve efficiency by minimizing redundancies and control multiple parameters simultaneously.

Parallel task management allows sources to warm up before they are needed, so layers can be deposited in quick succession.  This parallel task management includes source preparation, mask and sample transfer, power and temperature ramping, and stage preparation.

As can be seen in this table, our partners have reported a 45% reduction in transition times, and a 30% improvement in overall device fabrication time due to it.

Advanced Deposition Control

Our partners have achieved unprecedented low-rate stability.  AERES includes advanced auto-tuning with a user adjustable PID detection algorithm.  In the following case, stability of 0.02 Angstroms/second was achieved depositing a common OLED material (Alq3).

Available Now

AERES is available across all our platforms.  Please contact us today to discuss your process requirements, and how AERES can increase the efficiency of your lab.

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