D8 DISCOVER - Advanced X-ray Diffraction System from Bruker

The D8 DISCOVER increases ease-of-use with real-time component detection, plug-and-play functionality and fully integrated 2-dimensional XRD2 capabilities. These unique features allow the user to easily switch between all materials research X-ray diffraction applications, including reflectometry, high-resolution diffraction, grazing incidence diffraction (IP-GID), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), as well as residual stress and texture investigations. The D8 DISCOVER is designed to meet all the latest X-ray safety regulatory requirements, providing scientists peace-of-mind.

EIGER2 R 500K Multi-Mode Detector

The EIGER2 R 500K is a multi-mode (0D/1D/2D) detector designed specifically for laboratory instruments. It is based on the next generation of Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) technology developed by Dectris Ltd. Full integration on both a hardware and software levels ensures unmatched accessibility, ease-of-use and performance whether used in  0D mode with highest available dynamic range, panoramic 1D view with over 1000 channels or 2D mode with the ideal pixel size striking the perfect balance of coverage and angular resolution.

Snap-lock X-ray optics with tool-free switching of the diffraction geometry

An integral part of the D8 DISCOVER is the new DIFFRAC.SUITE™ software with consistently implemented automation functionality. An X-ray optics module, a detector, or any accessory mounted onto the instrument registers itself in real-time with its relevant parameters and analytical capabilities, including powerful detection of possible component conflicts. The factory-aligned, snap-lock X-ray optics provide true ‘plug-and-play’ functionality, including automatic and tool-free switching of the diffraction geometry with minimal user intervention. The DIFFRAC.SUITE offers intuitive operation based on a graphical user interface that can be customized to match the operator’s requirements.

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