Ultima Expert LT: High Performance Affordable ICP-OES Spectrometer

High Performance Affordable ICP-OES Spectrometer.

  • The Ultima Expert LT provides high performance at an affordable price. The design of the spectrometer allows it to handle challenging applications
  • Lowest detection limits in ICP-OES spectrometry are provided by radial viewing and total plasma view
  • Unique sheath gas feature for unrivalled stability on samples with high total dissolved solids content, up to 30% dissolved solids
  • Unmatched spectral resolution minimizing interference with <5 pm for wavelengths in the range 120 - 320 nm
  • Constant wavelength coverage from 120 to 800 nm with Far UV option for enhanced sensitivity for alternative wavelengths or halogens analysis

S3-Base Viewer

  • S3-base viewer displays the whole proprietary S3-base, developed with real ICP spectra acquisitions and containing more than 50,000 wavelengths identified with full spectroscopic data, to help with identification of emission lines in unknown samples.
    • Display of the list of potential emission lines, including plasma inherent lines, in the vicinity of a selected wavelength with their relative intensities and detection limits
    • Display of analyte wavelength and its relative intensity and detection limit
    • Graphic display of analyte emission line and potential emission lines for facilitated identification
    • Full S3-base database available


Generator Solid state, 40.68 MHz, water-cooled
Torch Fully demountable torch, 3 mm internal diameter alumina injector, glass inner and outer tubes
Sample introduction Concentric glass nebulizer and glass cyclonic spray chamber, 3 channels peristaltic pump, sheath gas device
Optical system Thermally stabilized, 1 meter focal length, 2400 g/mm grating used in 1st and 2nd order with optical resolution <5 pm for 120 - 320 nm and <11 pm for 320 - 800 nm
Detection Dual PMT detection

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