Multipurpose Powder Diffractometer for XRD - STADI MP

STADI MP, from STOE, is a multipurpose powder diffractometer offering three geometries, which include a set-up for micro-diffraction (High Flux), Transmission-/Debye-Scherrer geometry and Bragg-Brentano geometry.

When compared various other existing systems, this powder diffractometer is more flexible and provides exceptional performance. This professional tool is ideal for X-ray powder diffraction applications.

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Key Features

  • Geometry selection by sliding tube housing
  • High- and low-temperature attachments and sample changers
  • No realignment after changing geometries
  • Transmission/Debye-Scherrer, Bragg-Brentano mode and high flux
  • High performance
  • Flexible system
  • All geometries functioning with pure Mo, Cu, Co or Ag Kα1 radiation
  • Variety of improved detectors- scintillation counter, imaging plate, position sensitive wire and silicon strip detectors

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