XRD Software - WinXPow Software for Advanced Powder Diffraction Analysis

STOE offers WinXPow, which is an advanced flexible software suite designed for monitoring the high accuracy STOE STADI P diffractometer instruments. This software is also ideal for data analysis.

The modular software has all the vital requirements for data collection and a broad range of data analysis. It is capable of easily accessing and controlling the diffractometer and various other attached tools. All the data modules can be effortlessly arranged or labeled using a wide range of axis scales, etc.

WinXPow has a liberal license policy, and free software update for three years is provided by the company. The CFR 21 Part 11-conforming GMP package is also available.

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Key Features

  • Whole files or selected ranges can be added merged or subtracted
  • Readily accessible 3D-graphics visualization program
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly
  • Evaluation of size/strain measurements
  • Powerful and flexible
  • Calculation of a theoretical pattern from known metric and atomic positions
  • The module layer helps to examine thickness, density and roughness based on reflectometry scans using an optimized least squares method
  • 2D-graphics for visualization and presentation of collected data
  • According to the ICDD PDF databases, phase analysis can monitor powder patterns using with convenient database browsing
  • Direct step by step guidance all through the evaluation procedure, with majority of the parameters being selected by the program, or the expert mode, with the user having access to most of the parameters of the algorithms
  • High throughput testing module for similarity checks, phase identification, and intensity analysis-performed on free grid of up to 96 sample wells

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