EOTPR 3000 - Non-Destructive Rapid Fault Isolation

The Electro Optical Terahertz Pulse Reflectometry (EOTPR) from TeraView is an innovative time domain reflectometry (TDR) system. The system has been successfully developed by Intel Corporation and TeraView Ltd.

The EOTPR 3000 enables THz TDR analysis of semiconductor packages and provides a step change in resolution compared to conventional millimeter wave systems. The injected terahertz pulse is reflected off of faults within the device under test (DUT) locating their position with an accuracy of 5 µm.

The EOTPR 3000 is used to detect and rapidly isolate faults on the interconnects of advanced packages, such as:

  • Flip Chip
  • Through-Silicon Vias (TSV)
  • Package on Package (PoP)
  • 2.5D and 3D packages

Product Features

  • Patented technology
  • Improved SNR over EOTPR 2000
  • More than 270 mm signal penetration into DUT

The injected pulse reflects off faults within DUT locating their position with accuracy of 5 µm.

Key Specifications
Fault resolution <5 µm
Rise time Sub 6 ps
Signal to noise 94 dB
Testing range Up to 150 mm


Key advantages of the EOTPR3000 system include:

  • 10 µm accuracy
  • Non-destructive fast fault isolation - minutes rather than days
  • Identification of weak connections that may cause faults in the future
  • Ability to separate faults unseen with other fault isolation technologies (eg. conventional TDR)
  • Isolation of shorts, dead opens, and resistive opens

EOTPR Capabilities

  • Accuracy – Can locate a feature on 50 Ω coplanar waveguide positioned close to the high frequency probe with precision of ± 5 μm
  • Signal to noise - 94 dB
  • EOTPR pulse rise time - 6 ps (based on processed data). Defined as the time for the reflected impulse from the end of the high frequency probe to rise from 10% to 90% of its maximum value
  • Measurement time - Quick scan delay line offers measurement times of less than 5 seconds per pin
  • Input impedance - 50 Ω nominal
  • Range - Up to 270 mm from contact with probe in a typical package
  • Time-based jitter - <30 femtoseconds
  • Laser stabilization - Laser power stabilization prevents laser power fluctuations during measurement

Case Study 1 — Interconnect Integrity in Advanced Integrated Circuit Package

  • Device A and B both have a FIB cut in an identical trace
  • The position of the cut is separated by 89 µm in the devices (measured from BGA to start of the FIB cut)
  • EOTPR can clearly detect the difference in location of the open circuit in the two devices

Case Study 2 — Interconnect Integrity in Advanced Integrated Circuit Package

  • THz EOTPR enables the operator to swiftly locate the fault
  • Differentiation and fault location with THz EOTPR – line difference provides fault location
  • Fault location verified by X-ray analysis

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