SPECTROPORT Portable Arc/Spark Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES) Metals Analyzer Featuring Advanced OES Technology

The remarkable new SPECTROPORT portable metal analyzer from SPECTRO provides more enhanced OES technology in a unit which is as simple to use as a handheld analyzer. The SPECTROPORT provides several advantages of SPECTRO’s portable OES flagship, SPECTROTEST, in a smaller and lighter package.

This device accurately analyzes elements such as sulfur, boron, carbon, and phosphorus. It is as quick as XRF, with multiple analyses completed within few seconds. It also enables effortless point-and-shoot performance in order to reduce decision-making and operator intervention.

The SPECTROPORT adds the simplicity and convenience of the best handheld analyzers to the accuracy and broad analytical range of SPECTRO’s well-known OES technology. The users receive fast, ready response; intuitive ease of use; flexible portability; and minimal standardization efforts.

The new SPECTRO​ exclusive iCAL 2.0 calibration logic system and predefined calibration packages eliminate repeated delays and calibrations. Perform a single-sample standardization in less than five minutes at the beginning of the day’s testing, and users are all set.

The user’s iCAL diagnostics ensure stable performance for the entire day. Also, the iCAL 2.0 helps to maintain the same standardization, despite many temperature shifts.

  • In contrast to handheld XRF, the SPECTROPORT can accurately analyze elements like P, B, Be, Si, Al, C, S, Li, Ca, and Mg, even at low and critical levels.
  • It is as fast as a handheld XRF, and analysis takes only two seconds to a maximum of 10 seconds
  • Breakthrough self-adjusting optical system guarantees consistent results along with exceptional resilience to ambient temperature changes without standardization
  • Industry unique standardization; iCAL 2.0 is simple and requires only one sample for the entire system; saves up to 30 minutes/day
  • Easy point-and-shoot analysis; battery powered operation, up to 800 measurements can be performed on a single charge

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