EBSD – In-Situ Heating Stages for Observing Phase Changes

The HSEA series of Specimen Heating Stages are specially designed in-situ heating stages that can be used for EBSD/OIM observations.

The HSEA1000 is capable of heating up specimen to 1000 °C to observe grain growth and phase transformation of high temperature materials such as steel by EBSD/OIM.


The system has a very compact design that does not require any modification on SEM stages. The HSEA stages can be fixed onto the SEM stage in the same way as standard specimen holders. Two types of heating stages are available that can heat up a specimen to 500 °C (HSEA-500) or 1000 °C (HSEA-1000).

When heating to 1000 °C, a specially built ceramic heater is used as a heat source and has a suitable heat shield design to prevent serious damage to SEM or OIM detector. The specimen fixing technique will also significantly reduce drift of specimen through OIM scan. The heating stage will be tilted to 70° by the SEM stage. The EBSD/OIM observation can be performed in the same way as standard OIM observation.


  • Specimen size: 7 x 12 x 0.5~1.0t (HSEA-500); 5 x 7 x 0.4~0.7t (HSEA-1000)
  • Maximum temperature; 1000 °C (HSEA-1000); 500 °C (HSEA-500)
  • Specimen tilt: 70° (by SEM stage)
  • Temperature measurement: Thermo-couple (K-type) heater and specimen (2 points) (welded on the specimen in case of HSEA-1000)
  • Temperature control : PID control or manual control
  • Input power: 400 W: an electrical transformer is supplied according to local supply voltage
  • Environment : High vacuum (Low vacuum mode is not available)

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Application Example

Observation of dynamical alterations in microstructure of materials during high temperature heat treatment by SEM/EBSD is now available. The specially designed ceramic heater used for the HSEA-1000 heats the specimen up to 1000 °C without causing damage to the EBSD phosphor screen and SEM. This temperature will be suitable to observe grain growth and α/γ phase transformation of steel specimen.

Example of the HSEA-1000 to monitor α/γ phase transformation of low carbon steel

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