The Fast, Easy to Use accurate Bench Top X-Calibur and X-Calibur SDD for Polymers and Metallurgical

The Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF) coupled with the Xenemetrix X-Calibur provides every feature required to excite, measure and accurately quantify elements in samples, regardless of the industry or environment that it is used in.

The exceptional power of the Xenemetrix X-Calibur is due to the extended range of elements covered by the technique, ranging from elements such as C in certain well-defined matrix, to heavy elements such as U in most matrices.

The instrument’s direct excitation beam path ensures full utilization of the 50 W power of the X-ray tube.

The on-demand 50 kV X-ray tube and the Peltier cooled semiconductor detector provide superior short-term repeatability and long-term reproducibility with outstanding element peak resolution while boosting X-ray tube life time as a result of active analysis usage only.

The enhanced excitation of all the elements in the sample is ensured with up to 50 kV voltage. The high-countrate, high resolution very fast silicon drift detector (SDD) further enhances the instrument’s performance and records sample spectra in real time.

The tube-sample-detector distances have been improved for better light element performance. This then provides superior detection limits, improved accuracy, and shorter measurement times.

Peripherals include standard fundamental parameters, sample spinner, eight-position sample changer, and vacuum helium purge for improved light element sensitivity.

Key Features

The key features of the X-Calibur SDD are given below:

  • Unmatched speed, detection limits, and accuracy in EDXRF
  • Direct-excitation, intimately coupled beam path
  • Can be used for solids, alloys, powders, liquids, and thin films
  • X-ray tube with a limit of 50 W power and 50 kV excitation voltage with maximum power at lower 3 kV setting
  • Ultra fast SDD with excellent energy resolution
  • Optimal Light Element (LE) design with high transparency X-ray tube and X-ray detector to test 6 C to 92 U in a non-destructive manner
  • A variety of automated tube filters for better sensitivity
  • Regular fundamental parameters - Accurex
  • Latest "icon driven" user interface using Analytix software
  • Optional advanced fundamental parameters


The applications of the X-Calibur SDD are listed here:

  • R&D and materials research
  • Pharma, food, and cosmetics
  • Mining and minerals
  • Slags and metals
  • Chemistry
  • Cement
  • Academia

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