The High Throughput Raman Spectrometer for Measuring Liquid Less Than 2 mm

IS-Instruments offers a wide range of high throughput/etendue Raman spectrometers. The standard model operates at 785 nm, and other wavelength are available upon request. This instrument is ideal for examining diffuse sources, such as those detected in Transmission Raman applications.

The instrument uses the new OEM spectrometer from IS-Instruments at its core, and takes advantage of the high throughput device. The standard model, designed with a ~ 4 cm-1 resolution, is compatible with a 1 mm core fiber. Modifications to this configuration are available upon request. This instrument can operate with a wide range of detectors depending on the user requirements.

Initial trials of the Raman spectrometer measured the RamanHES 2000 spectra to less than 2 mm depth of a liquid sample in a Pipeline from a 2.5 m distance. This Raman measurement was only possible because of the high throughput of IS-Instruments’ Raman spectrometer design (patent pending).

The HES Raman spectrometer can provide a highly improved SNR over a Czerny Turner instrument when observing the same source.


The main applications of the high throughput Raman spectrometer are as follows:

  • Spatially offset Raman
  • Transmission Raman
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Q/A

The instrument’s high throughput makes it possible to connect the device through a large multimode optical fiber. This makes the device easy to use with a large optical telescope, unlike equivalent Czerny Turner systems, so diffraction limited telescopes are not necessary, which makes the device accessible for even amateur astronomers while providing advanced performance needed for professional observatories.

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