Remanufactured Scanning Electron Microscope with ESEM Mode - FEI Quanta 200

The FEI Quanta 200 ESEM is a versatile tungsten SEM that uses superior tetrode imaging to rival some FEG SEM imaging.  

The platform is an easy to use SEM that is in thousands of labs around the world.  The SEM operates in 3 modes: High vac, low vac, and ESEM.  The SEM comes with an SE detector for high vacuum mode, a BSE and LFD for low vacuum mode, and a GSED for ESEM mode.

The SEM comes with installation, training, and warranty.  EDS and other analytical techniques are optional.

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Key Features

  • Three vacuum modes: Hi Vac, Lo Vac, and wet (ESEM) modes
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Many ports available for analytical accessories like EDS, WDS
  • Tetrode imaging rivals some FEG SEM capabilities
  • Comes with numerous detectors, including SE and BSE

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