Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryer with Precise Control of Flows and Pressures

The Trident™ family of Spin Rinse Dryers (SRDs) from ClassOne provides the state of the art in cleaning, rinsing and drying wafers after wet processing. The non-contact heating of the system results in cleaner N2 as the filter is placed after the heater, preventing direct contact between the heater and N2.

Ultra-pure valves and fittings are also used throughout by Trident™ SRDs, and all systems comprise of a comprehensive facility panel to control all flows and pressures in a precise manner. These are typical of the design efficiencies and advances that provide the Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryer with its uniquely attractive performance-to-price value.

These Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryers are available in roll-around single-stack and bench-top units and also in dual-stack configurations. These dryers can process up to 50 substrates per batch in sizes of 75 mm to 200 mm, based on the model, rotor and bowl size used.

Key Features

The main features of the Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryers are as follows:

  • Full wrap-around bowl heater
  • Stainless steel cabinetry
  • Door-top DC ionizer
  • PLC control with color touch screen
  • Non-contact ultra-pure N2 heater
  • Full-control facility panel
  • Uniform water spray
  • Negative-pressure motor seal

Major Benefits

The key benefits of the Trident™ Spin Rinse Dryers include:

  • Optimum drying performance
  • Precise control of pressures and flows
  • No nozzle replacement, uniform rinse
  • Much cleaner seal, reduced particles
  • FM4910 compliance
  • Reduced particles
  • Cleaner N2
  • All Spin Rinse Dryer components readily available


  • Spin, rinse, and dry semiconductor wafers without leaving behind water spots and films after a wet process
  • Residue or chemical removal
  • Cleaning up to 200 mm wafers utilizing DI Water Rinse, followed by heated N2 dry

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