DiaMet Hardness Software: Fast and Simple Operation for Hardness Testing

The DiaMet has been designed by Buehler to provide effortless usage and ideal application. A high level of automation mostly comes with a high level of complexity, both in operation and in set-up. This hardness software breaks with that convention and thus focuses on a simple and fast operation of the hardness test job in order to meet the requirements of low trained operators, while maintaining high level of features and flexibility required by expert users.


DiaMet software allows effortless hardness testing

Clear and Touch Optimized

The clean design of the DiaMet™ Software allows for easy navigation within the software and is supported by intuitive and simple gestures. Virtual tabs provided on top of the screen allow navigation between to Home, Program, Testing and Reporting. The status bar, which makes interactions efficient and clear, shows comprehensive feedback. This software has been designed for touch panel use, with a completely new feel and look and is smart, useful and simple to work with.

Easy to Operate: By keyboard, mouse or touch


DiaMet is optimized for evaluating Micro-Vickers, Macro-Vickers, Knoop and Brinell indents according to ASTM E10, ISO 6506, ASTM E384, ISO 4545 and ISO 6507 standards. A standard DiaMet feature is considered to be an automatic symmetry calculation for both Vickers and Knoop. This extra validation together with clear visual indication enables ensuring that the results conform to standards.

Versatile: For Vickers, Knoop and Brinell


The readings in the result grid or graph must be re-measured or re-indented where applicable. The result should then be exported to a local database format, Excel®, printer or PDF.

Share: The results can now be shared with the world.

Perfect with Windows 10

The DiaMet is designed for operation under Windows 10 and is capable of interfacing with Office spreadsheet applications

It is considered to be the perfect software for a complete hardness lab. DiaMet hardness testing software can be ordered for the following hardness testers:

Hardness Mapping

A Hardness map of any cross section can be created by using a user-defined color scale and thousands of indents to reveal never disclosed hardness information of samples.

The benefit

  • Provides a high level of detail for claim investigation
  • Ultimate level of detail of process quality
  • Establishes weak points and helps identify test sites for regular CHD rows

Specimen Detection and Templates

A combination of multiple patterns must be stored as a template, permitting DiaMet to position them for the next time a user needs to test a same type of part.

Graphical Pattern Editor

With the DiaMet™ pattern editor, the user can develop any number of patterns with a large number of variables. The user can create patterns with great precision and then verify the result in the preview. It is then essential to merge different loads and different patterns in one program, and run them fully automatically. For example, 3 CHD rows of 15 indents with HV1, and a core hardness determination out of an average of 5 indents HV10. This is the level of flexibility offered by the VH3000-series.

Create patterns that meet various application requirements.

Pattern Video Overlay

Even before the actual indent process takes place, the DiaMet shows the operator where the indents will be made. The pattern video overlay function provides assistance when positioning multiple test rows all across the specimen. The pattern video overlay scales automatically within the macroview and with every magnification.

See where the indents will be placed

Macro View with Navigation Map

A composite image of the specimen can be developed by using the macro view function. The size and shape of the specimen is irrelevant, since the DiaMet software is capable of scanning any area within stage limits. Blend in the navigation mini map to navigate efficiently and quickly from one test location to another test location.

Navigate on the sample


Repeatable; the DiaMet automatic illumination can be adjusted to the correct illumination level on any sample, and where ever on the sample independent from material (coatings, carbides, tool steel, steels).

Repeatable: Contrast and brightness


Astonishing in any way. It is essential to observe how the software finds focus from a distance as far as 30 mm or more. The shear AF-speed should be enjoyed when focusing at close range. New standards are set by the Diamet™ Autofocus algorithm.

Repeatable: Sharpness


This refined measurement algorithm prevents the need for manual positioning of filar-lines. Stay in control, and modify the measurements by manipulating the filar-lines. The manual measure mode is custom designed so that it can be used by mouse and/or touch. It is possible to enable automatic indent symmetry check for Vickers and Knoop on demand.

Repeatable: Results

DiaMet Demo Thermal Spray Coating


The below table provides the specifications for the DiaMet software:

. .
Software Version Wilson® DiaMet™
Hardness Scales Vickers, Knoop & Brinell (depending on machine configuration)
Compatible Hardware Wilson VH3100, Wilson VH3300* (*introduction in 2015)
Focus Automatic Focus, with manual override option
Illumination Automatic Illumination, with manual override option
Measurement Manual or Automatic Indent Measurement
Stage Control Auto traversing for various patterns: CHD, line, circle, matrix and others
Multi-sample Multi-sample
Overview scan & stitch Only in combination with overview optics
Data export Printer, PDF, Excel

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