The High-Performance 8000-SLIM for Sheet Extrusion and Water-based Coatings

The 8000-SLIM High- Performance System delivers outstanding results for narrow web lines and is supported by a world-class organization.

NDC Technologies Web Solutions

NDCT’s 8000-SLIM High-Performance System has been custom designed to help customers produce products of superior quality and with exceptional results. This cost-effective system is a blend of information, control, accuracy and speed in an intelligent open architecture, and represents an ideal gauging solution for the web industries.

Innovative Technologies

A wide range of innovative technologies is offered by NDC to ensure that the optimum solution is available for every single application. The SlimTrak scanner has a small footprint that fits into tight machine locations, allowing critical quality measurements to be taken from key parts of the process. It is easy to appreciate the benefits of this system for narrow web lines, especially when space is at a premium, by taking into account the uncompromised measurement performance of the 8000-SLIM’s sensors, intuitive operator displays and plus effective controls.

Solutions Provider

Narrow web lines frequently produce high value-added products, and hence it is essential that they are accurately measured and controlled. NDC’s systems offer accurate real-time measurement and tight control of key product parameters such as moisture, basis weight, coat weight and thickness. The final outcome is a well designed system based on solid technologies and applications knowledge from NDC.

Global Presence

NDC is a key global supplier of productivity-enhancing instrumentation and solutions for on-line process control and measurement. The company is known for its after-sales support and extensive application experience. It has executed over 15,000 installations in more than 50 countries. NDC’s customer base is made up of some of the globally renowned and successful manufacturers of web products.


The key applications of the 8000-SLIM High- Performance System are as follows:

  • Sheet extrusion
  • Remoisturizing
  • Adhesive tapes/Labelstock
  • Dry lamination
  • Water-based coatings
  • Hotmelt coaters
  • Converted products: Lacquer coating on foil

Customer Benefits

The main customer benefits offered by the 8000-SLIM High- Performance System include:

  • Greater process visibility
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Higher quality and productivity
  • Faster on-spec
  • Reduced scrap


The key features of the 8000-SLIM High-Performance System are listed below:

  • Low cost of ownership
  • Compact machine footprint
  • Easy to maintain, operate and install
  • Cost effective system
  • Open industry standard networking for plantwide connectivity
  • Total Distributed Intelligence (TDi) system architecture

The 8000-SLIM system features proven measurements and is available with NDC’s full suite of controls. Designed for a wide range of applications, this system is part of NDC’s family of TDi systems with proven reliability.

An economic solution to quality management is offered by this new system along with uncompromised performance and capability.

NDC’s 8000-SLIM system is rich on performance and features despite being slim on price and size.

Based on the renowned 8000 software platform, 8000-SLIM uses NDC’s most popular sensors and integrates them with the SlimTrak scanner in order to provide a low cost system that is ideal for narrow coating and extrusion lines where space is limited.

The SR710E and IG710E are the available sensors that are considered to be performance leaders in on-line coat weight, moisture and coextrusion layer measurement. The Gamma Backscatter sensor is also available and is known to be a compact, highly accurate basis weight/thickness sensor.

The 8000-SLIM responds quickly, with sensors that are capable of scanning on-demand and require no off-sheet standardization. Near-instantaneous data obtained from accurate sensors yields superior quality information that operators have confidence in and can also react rapidly. This results in reduced material usage, higher product yields, reduced start-up scrap and minimum start-up time.

The 8000-SLIM system also shines when machine space is at its best. The backscatter sensors from NDC take up less space than competitors’ transmission designs with their requisite O-Frame scanners. The SlimTrak scanner has a very small cross sectional profile of less than 6” X 6” (150 mm X 150 mm), enabling it to fit in tight spaces, mostly without machine modifications. The SlimTrak’s electronics are located in a remote SlimBridge box, which can be placed up to 60′ (20 m) from the scanner location, conserving machine space while simultaneously protecting the electronics against process conditions.

The 8000-SLIM system supports any of the listed sensors in one of the three configurations:

  • Dual SlimTrak scanners, each with a single sensor (8200-SLIM)
  • Single SlimTrak scanner with single sensor (8100-SLIM)
  • Single SlimTrak scanner with sensor, separate fixed-point sensor (8100+1-SLIM)

System Specifications

8000-SLIM Applications Control Options

Film and Sheet Extrusion Industries:

  • Automatic Target Optimization (ATO)
  • Automatic Profile Control (APC)
  • Machine direction (MD) control

Calendering Industries:

  • Gap control
  • Machine direction (MD) control

Converting Industries:

  • Automatic Target Optimization (ATO)
  • Automatic Profile Control (APC)
  • Machine direction (MD) control

Optional Advanced Reporting and Process Analysis Packages

  • Data Historian II
  • Streak Display
  • Graphical Roll History
  • Stretch Compensation
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Fast Fourier Transfer
  • Split Roll Reports
  • Roll Defect Map

Optional Input/Output Capabilities


  • External Process Parameter Trending 32 external devices
  • 32 external devices


  • Solid state contact closures
  • Isolated analog outputs


  • PLC Links
  • OPC communications
  • Open AccessTM

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