Princeton Instruments ProEM Professional-Grade EMCCD Cameras

Princeton Instruments, a pioneer in low-light-level imaging technology, has been at the forefront of EMCCD technology for the better part of this decade. The Princeton Instruments ProEM camera is the culmination of years of working with leading researchers and skillfully implementing our own ultra-low-noise electronics, deep cooling, and EMCCD expertise.

When we started the ProEM project, our goal was simple. We wanted to provide the best EMCCD camera available for researchers seeking to understand the universe, whether they are observing distant stars through a telescope or looking at single molecules through a microscope. Our strategy for achieving this goal was threefold. We knew that we must surpass the performance, precision, and peace of mind afforded by any existent EMCCD camera.

The 2010 incarnation of the ProEM platform offers researchers several remarkable new innovations, including eXcelon sensor technology for reduced etaloning and broad UV-NIR sensitivity, our own custom 512BK EMCCD for ultrafast kinetics, and 64-bit data acquisition via Princeton Instruments' leading-edge LightField software.

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